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Farmers’ warning after close call on road with tractor

MORRISTOWN, Ind. (WISH) — Farmers across the state are out in their fields and preparing for another season of planting. That means there will be more tractors on the roads as they travel to and from their fields.

The Rushville Republican reported in April on a fatal accident between a tractor and a woman who was in a van.  

A farming couple has a warning after their own recent close call they have had with other road vehicles.

Philip and Cindy Ramsey farm corn, soybeans, and wheat in Shelby County. 

They said it is always a concern they have when they share the road with their tractors and large farm equipment 

“We have flashing lights on all the equipment and turn signals. After people follow you for a while, they then don’t pay attention that you’ve now turned your turn signal on,” said Philip Ramsey.

He added that when he slows down to make a left turn, often times poeple think that is their chance to pass. 

“The most dangerous time for us traveling when we’re on state highway or any wide, two-lane highway where people think they can pass at anytime,” he said.

“It’s very scary because not only is it dangerous for those in the cars and us for our own lives but that piece of equipment that is behind me, that is not easily replacement,” said wife Cindy.

She said she had a close call just last week when a car tried to speed around her as she was pulling a large tank.

The couple said people just need to be aware that more tractors will be on the road during the planting and growing season and to plan for extra travel time when on rural roads.

“If you see someone coming, slow up a little bit. Give us that minute for us to find a good place for us to pullover. Some days people are very good and we have no trouble but then other days, nobody gives us a second,” Philip Ramsey said.