Father who works 3 jobs, surprises daughter with dream dress

PENNSYLVANIA (KRON) – Parents sacrifice a lot for their kids whether it be time, money or their career.

When things get tough financially, children may not always get what they want. 

A Pennsylvania father, who juggles three jobs to support his family, was determined to get his daughter the dress of her dreams. 

When Nevaeha Smith found the perfect dress for her eighth-grade dinner dance, she asked her dad to buy it.

He had the difficult task of telling her he couldn’t afford the dress.

When Smith stopped by to visit her father at one of his several jobs, he had a special surprise waiting for her, Daily Mail revealed. 

With the help of a local clothing store, Style Exchange Boutique, he unveiled her dream dress. 

As he unzipped the garment bag, Smith’s eyes lit up with excitement. She instantly jumped into her father’s arms with tears streaming down her face.