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Feds: 8,000 Indiana high school grads will not be counted

INDIANAPOLIS (WISH ) — About 8,000 Indiana students will not be counted in the state’s federal graduation rates.

The state learned Friday that the U.S. Department of Education denied Indiana’s waiver request to count all of its high school diplomas in our state’s federal graduation rates.

A clear reason was not given for the decision. 

An Indiana Department of Education spokesman said some students with special needs are among the 8,000.

As a result of the federal decision, the state Department of Education said people will see a one-year “artificial decline” in federal graduation rates that will make it appear students are not performing at the best levels.

Adam Baker, an Indiana Department of Education spokesman, said, “At the federal level, could our schools lose money because of this? … They shouldn’t because, if this was long term, then what you would have is you would. You would have districts that would fall under comprehensive support; you would have districts that would fall under a different category that’s not an accurate category. But, because we have this one year where you’re going to see sort of this dip, then it’s going to be fixed.”

That “fix” he’s talking about is House Enrolled Act 1426, which streamlined Indiana’s diplomas from four to one.

The state spokesman stressed that a diploma with general distinction will remain valid and recognized in Indiana.