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Fire destroys Indiana animal rescue shelter

BICKNELL, Ind. (WTWO) — An animal rescue operation in Knox County has suffered a setback, and it includes a devastating loss for the shelter’s volunteer director.

Jackie Rogers runs the North Knox Animal Shelter out of her home in Bicknell. A suspected electrical fire this week destroyed Rogers’ house, including the shelter’s office.

The blaze also claimed the lives of her personal pets, four dogs and three cats.

“All of my babies died, they couldn’t save them. It went up too fast and it was too hot and they couldn’t get to them,” said Rogers.

A foster dog in an outside pen was saved. The shelter is an “all foster” operation. They do not have a kennel.

The fire destroyed paperwork and electronics.

“We’re in a regrouping stage at this point because we have to recuperate a lot of the devices like our computer systems and stuff like that. It was all inside and at this time it’s lost,” said Rogers.

The groups says they will still try to find foster homes for stray and abandoned animals. They will also post updates on its Facebook page about the recovery.

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