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Firefighter Tim’s Kitchen Workout

Firefighter Tim’s Kitchen Workout

A workout… in the kitchen? Firefighter Tim says, “Yes!”

He says, “We often talk about the business of life- making it hard to take care of everything we need to get done in a week and still find the time to exercise. So next time you are making breakfast for the kids or preparing your family’s favorite Friday night dinner, why not try to work in a kitchen workout?”

Firefighter Tim’s Kitchen Workout

Here are several exercise ideas:

1:Cast iron skillet shoulder press
2:Cast iron skillet steering wheels
3:Cast iron skillet single leg dead lifts
4:Counter top pushups
5:Counter top dips
6:Counter knees to chest
7:Rolling pin squats
8:Canned good side laterals

Twitter: @firemantimcfd

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