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Firefighter Tim’s Roll the Dice workout

Firefighter Tim’s Roll the Dice workout 

It’s time to take a chance on your health. Today we’re talking about a great and easy way to work out at home or anywhere, using dice!

Firefighter Tim says you can actually BUY workout dice — these dice come with exercises and rep counts on each side, and are very inexpensive. Another option, he says, is just regular game dice.

Firefighter Tim’s Roll the Dice workout 

Here’s how it works:

Attach a different exercise to each number on the dice. You can start by rolling two dice for a set amount of time then switch to just rolling one dice. Now, let’s get this workout rolling. 

Example for regular game dice:

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1= 25 crunches 
2= 10 squats 
3= 10 pushes 
4= 1-minute wall sit 
5= 10 lunges 
6= 10 burpees 
7= Water break 
8= 17 jumping jacks 
9= 15 high knees 
10= 15 mountain climbers 
11= 2-minute wall sit 
12= Leg lifts

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