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Fishers teen could serve up to 80 years for 2014 murder

HAMILTON COUNTY, Ind. (WISH) — A Fishers teenager could spend up to 80 years in prison after taking a plea deal.

18-year-old Maxwell Winkler pleaded guilty to murder with a firearm enhancement in Hamilton County Superior Court on Thursday.

Winkler killed 73-year-old Henry Kim in November of 2014. Winkler shot Kim and slashed his throat. Kim was found dead in Windemere Park.

Winkler, 17 years old at the time, was found in a wooded area while police were investigating the crime. He was arrested in the days just after the crime. Officers said he was riding his bike in the area of the wooded area where the murder occurred and he was questioned. Police detained him and found two knives with what appeared to be dried blood on them.

In a trash can outside of Winkler’s mother’s home, officers found a hand towel with a red stain on it, which appeared to be dried blood, according to court documents. Black gloves were also found in the trash can.

In Winkler’s bedroom, officers found .22-caliber ammunition, which is consistent with the bullets used to kill Kim.

One of Winkler’s teachers told police that Winkler had changed his appearance, coming to school clean-shaven the weekend after the murder occurred.

School resource officers also told police that Winkler had written a “Bucket List” two years prior, talking about killing, mass destruction and weapons of mass destruction in the list, according to court documents.

Court documents revealed that Winkler wrote out a plan to commit the murder, including a list of tools and instructions for cleaning up the crime scene. Police said that they found a handwritten note stating that he would “enjoy the kill” and that he would “double check everything.” The note indicated Kim was chosen at random to be the victim.

Winkler’s defense team filed for an insanity defense, but Winkler was ruled competent to stand trial.

Winkler was charged as an adult in the case and requested a plea hearing in December 2014.

Winkler will be sentenced in the case on Feb. 5.