Florida man warns of fake stimulus checks in the mail

Photo Provided/ Facebook: Thomas Andrews

TAMPA, Fl. (WISH/CNN) — One man in Florida is sounding the alarm after receiving a fake coronavirus relief check in the mail from a likely scammer.

Thomas Andrews said he got the check in the mail Thursday. From the outside it looked like an official federal stimulus package COVID-19 relief check, with the total sum of more than $3,000.

“It said time-sensitive, fast-tracked, open immediately, do not bend, stuff like that,” Andrews said.

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The stimulus package passed the Senate and House of Representatives this week, and was signed by President Trump Friday. Officials have said individuals making less than $75,000 can expect a check in about three weeks.

Andrews said he knew the check couldn’t be legitimate, so he turned to Facebook to give people a heads up.

“I wanted to post it as soon as I could because I know that some people, like my grandma, would have fallen for stuff like that,” he said.

The check also contained a letter telling people to come claim their stimulus incentives over the next week, showing an address in Bushnell, Fla., but no phone number. It included information about cars you can buy with no money down.

Florida State Attorney General Ashley Moody’s office says they have not received any consumer complaints regarding this and they will be looking into the issue.