For more than 6 decades, Indy has enjoyed Bar-B-Q Heaven

INDIANAPOLIS (WISH) — They claim to have the best barbecue in Indianapolis, and it’s hard to argue once you’ve tasted the product.

Since 1952, Bar-B-Q Heaven has served up its quality product to customers who come far and wide.  

Restaurant president Ronald Jones has been working in the kitchen since he was 13 years old. About to turn 80 this year, he still works seven days a week at the store.

He bought the store from his parents in 1975 and has expanded it to two brick-and-mortar locations and one at Lucas Oil Stadium. The location at 2115 Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. St. is the most popular and another location is at 877 E. 30th St. 

Jones said the key to having a good product is in the ingredients. The topping sauce and the rub are most important. He uses his grandmother’s recipe.

He also said great customer service keeps people coming back.   

Asked if he’s ever thought about retiring, Jones said, “My theory is after slow motion is no motion, and I’m not ready to take that step.”