Former private investigator: Casey Anthony’s lawyer said Anthony murdered Caylee

SEMINOLE COUNTY, Fla. (WFLA) – Casey Anthony’s lawyer, Jose Baez, is firing back at court documents containing testimony from former private investigator Dominic Casey.

In a cease and desist letter to WFLA News Channel 8, Baez Law Firm said, “As you are aware, this information comes from an attention seeking, delusional individual, with a history of making false and outrageous claims, not only to court officials, but to the media.”

Dominic Casey is the private investigator who worked for Casey Anthony’s defense team. Dominic claims that Casey Anthony’s attorney, Jose Baez, told him that Anthony had murdered her daughter Caylee and dumped the body.

Two affidavits from private investigator Dominic Casey were included in documents filed in Orlando U.S. Bankruptcy Court in April of 2016. The documents are part of Casey Anthony’s bankruptcy case.

Dominic Casey’s affidavits said in July of 2008, the Baez Law Firm hired him to work with Casey Anthony’s defense team.

Anthony was accused of murdering her 2-year-old daughter Caylee Marie Anthony, who Casey had reported missing. Caylee’s remains were found by meter reader Roy Kronk in a wooded area near the Anthony family’s home in December of 2008. In July  of 2011, Casey Anthony was acquitted in the murder of Caylee.

Dominic Casey said in one of the affidavits that during the publicity in the missing child case, Casey Anthony became aware of the telephone calls made to police by Roy Kronk in August of 2008. The phone calls indicated that Kronk may have located the remains of Caylee Anthony.

“She (Casey Anthony) told me at that time, ‘Caylee is not coming home, they need to get used to that’,” said Dominic Casey in the affidavit.

Dominic Casey also claimed that Casey Anthony suggested that Roy Kronk should be implicated in Caylee’s disappearance.

“In October 2008, just prior to the remains being found, Casey Anthony told me that when Caylee came up missing, the back gate was left ajar. Since Roy Kronk was a meter reader for the house, maybe ‘we could say Roy Kronk kidnapped Caylee’,” said Dominic Casey in the affidavit.

Dominic Casey went on to say the following in the affidavit:

“Based on my personal knowledge of the events and statements I personally heard from Casey Anthony she authorized and permitted her attorneys including, Jose Baez to make false statements about Roy Kronk to portray him as a murderer and or kidnapper of Caylee Anthony.”

A second Dominic Casey affidavit makes more shocking claims.

Dominic Casey said that he was hired by Jose Baez within two weeks of Casey Anthony’s July 16, 2008 arrest. He said the following in the affidavit:

“Saturday, July 26, 2008, Baez had told me that Casey had murdered Caylee and dumped the body somewhere and, he needed all the help he could get to find the body before anyone else did.”

Dominic Casey said that he met Casey Anthony at the jail and there was no doubt that she had psychological issues, but Jose Baez refused to have her evaluated by a psychological professional.

Dominic Casey said that Casey Anthony signed over both her and Caylee’s intellectual property rights “life rights” to Jose Baez, which were licensed to him exclusively. Another agreement required Casey Anthony to provide Baez with an extensive library of photographs, videos and other items that he could sell.

Dominic Casey said in the affidavit that in August of 2008, he presented evidence to Baez suggesting there could have been an accident and Caylee drowned in the backyard pool, and the accident snowballed out of control, Casey panicked and dumped Caylee’s body.

In the affidavit, Dominic Casey said that one of Casey Anthony’s high school friends called the sheriff’s office and told them that she and Casey Anthony and other friends used to hang out on Suburban Drive when they were teens. The high school friend said that because this was a familiar place for Casey Anthony, she may have buried Caylee there.

Dominic Casey said in the affidavit that on August 12, 2008, the State Attorney offered limited immunity for Casey Anthony in exchange for information regrading Caylee. Casey Anthony wanted to accept the plea deal. Baez told her to wait until he returned from New York and would be able to bond her out of jail.

In the affidavit, Dominic Casey also claims that a convicted drug trafficker and money launderer for Mexican drug lord “El Chapo” put up the money for Casey Anthony’s defense and also contributed $200,000 reward money and $500,000 to pay for her second bail bond.

Dominic Casey also claimed that Baez and Casey Anthony were having sex. He said in the affidavit that Casey Anthony asked Baez to cancel a TV interview, which he did and afterward said that Anthony owed him sex for it.

Dominic Casey went on to say,

“Within two weeks, the misconduct between Casey and Jose Baez had escalated. I arrived at Baez’s office unexpectedly one day and once again, witnessed a naked Casey. This time she ran from his private office, through the conference room to the hallway. That night I told her that she cannot allow him to continue engaging in this behavior. Casey told me she had to do what Jose said because she had no money for her defense.”

Dominic Casey said he quit working for Jose Baez and the Baez Law Firm on October 1, 2008.

Casey Anthony has kept a low profile since she was acquitted in her daughter’s murder.She recently filed documents to open a photography business. 

Prosecutors in her murder trial recently spoke out about the case. 


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