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Fort Wayne residents rushing to buy guns

FORT WAYNE, Ind. (WANE) –  Since the tragedy in Orlando, gun control has once again become a major topic of discussion. It has left some people concerned that the government will impede on their right to buy guns. As a result local gun stores have seen a spike in sales.

Russell Concordia, the owner of Ranger Supply, said it’s like clockwork. Following a terrible tragedy there is an influx of customers wanting to get their hands on a new gun. Concordia believes it has more to do with the political climate, than the violence itself.

“Every time something tragic happens it’s like we got to ban guns we got to ban guns,” said Concordia. “I think it’s a fear of erosion of freedom rather than a fear that some terrorist attack in our hometown. They’re all making the comment I better get this now before I can’t get it.”

Concordia said the gun that’s been flying off the shelves is an AR-15 Sporting rifle. It’s not the same gun that was used in the fatal attack in Orlando, but he said it is similar. Typically they sell about 3 AR-15’s in a week. Since Sunday’s attack they’ve sold 48.

“As an adult if someone says you can’t have it you want it,” he said. “Every time the government starts talking about banning guns saying, ‘you can’t have these,’ people think ‘well if they say I can’t have these I want to have it.’”

Concordia said the busiest day was Sunday, but sales have started to slow down since then.

“I’d like to say everything’s going to go back to normal and all the panic will go away,” he said. “[They don’t] have to buy up $10,000 in firearms and ammunition to make sure it doesn’t get taken away.”