Friday’s business headlines

INDIANAPOLIS (WISH) –  Here’s a look at Friday’s business headlines.


Cummins has revealed plans for expansion in central Indiana.

It is expanding along the I-65 corridor that will bring new building projects and investments to Columbus, Greenwood and Indianapolis.

The expansion includes a $33 million investment that will yield 75 new jobs at Cummins’ global headquarters in Columbus.

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The company plans to build a $35 million, a 100,00-square- foot office building of I-65, near Greenwood and Indianapolis, the company is renovating space at Salesforce Tower and is building out additional space downtown at its distribution business headquarters of workforce growth.


Walmart said that prices for shoppers will go up due to higher tariffs on imports from China.

The tariffs are widely expected to raise prices on thousands of products, including clothing, furniture and electronics.

Walmart said it would try to buy products from other countries when it can ease the pain.

Sprint, T-Mobile

Officials at the Federal Communications Commission met Thursday to discuss possible conditions for T-Mobile’s $26 billion merger with fellow Sprint.

Fox Business reports this is an indication that discussions with the government have reached a critical stage.

Thursday’s talks were described as constructive and involved possible proposals by the company to sell off business or make other arrangements to gain regulatory approval.

Credit card

Well, credit card interest rates are now at their highest level in history.

The Federal Reserve says Americans now pay their banks an average of 17% interest on plastic.

Consumers may spend less as a result.