Friday’s business headlines

Friday’s business headlines

INDIANAPOLIS (WISH) – Here’s a look at Friday’s business headlines.

Kroger trends

Kroger outlined the food trends its sees this year.

Among them, food being used as medicine as customers look to natural treatments for health and wellness.

Global flavors and flexitarian-partt vegetarian is also a growing trend.

Kroger will also launch a podcast that will focus on the foods adults loved as children.


I looks like Papyrus is closing all of its stores.

The Wall Street Journal says the greeting card company filed for bankruptcy.

The company operates 254 retail stores and employes about 1,100 salaried and hourly workers in the U.S.

Papyrus has a location at the Fashion Mall at Keystone.


The rules are about to change for emotional support pets on planes.

The Department of Transportation proposes to strictly limit the definition of a service animal to a dog, reversing a policy that permits a wide range of other animals to fly under that framework.

Airlines have consistently complained of fraudulent incidents related to certain pets as emotional support animals, costing the industry millions in unpaid pet carriage fees and causing chaos on some planes.


Changes in how the most widely used credit score in the U.S. is calculated will likely make it harder for many Americans to get loans.

FICO scores will soon be calculated more harshly for those with rising debt levels and those who fall behind on loan payments.

This could make it even harder for those with lower credit scores to get home and car loans.