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Get active with hi-tech sports gear

Get active with hi-tech sports gear

Get active. Stay active. And let technology help! 

Mike May, Director of Communications for PHIT America, discusses the magnitude of physical inactivity in the U.S. and showcases a few technological advancements in the sporting goods industry to help get us moving. 

Get active with hi-tech sports gear

SportCount from SportCount — ring-size lap counter/stop watch which wraps around your index finger and is controlled by your thumb. It’s also waterproof.  It keeps track of your workout’s total time spent exercising, how many laps you completed, your fastest lap, and your average lap speed.

Avenge series youth bat from Axe bat — Because of this bat’s axe-like handle, players are able to generate more bat speed and barrel control, which means you can hit the ball further and harder.

Basketball shorts from Point 3 — This is a new version of a pair of basketball shorts.  On both sides of the shorts, there’s a panel of fabric where players can dry their hands in the middle of a game, especially while standing at the free=throw line.

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Get active with hi-tech sports gear

Running and walking shoes from MBT — These shoes are referred to as psychological footwear because they feel so good when you wear them.  This shoe’s one-of-a-kind curved sole provides a natural cushioning, as if you were walking on a sandy beach.  Those shoe takes comfort and support to an entirely new level.

Graphene techniology in tennis racquets from Head/Penn makes the racquets stronger than a diamond and lighter than a feather.  The lightweight racquet is easy to hold and grip throughout the match.

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