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Giant stingray might make record book

THAILAND (WISH/MEDIA GENERAL) – A giant stingray might be the largest freshwater fish ever captured.

Jeff Corwin posted to Facebook that the captured stingray is over 14 feet long and over 8 feet wide. It was captured in Thailand.

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Animal adventurer, Jeff Corwin, and Thailand researchers worked together to catch, release and study massive stingray. They caught three giants and one of them ended up being 800 pounds, and pregnant.

Corwin described the catch, “The battle lasted for hours, with many guys working the rod and reel ’till the giant was finally secured. Exhaustion, coupled with elation was amongst the entire team.”

Corwin was working with Dr. Nantarika Chansue and fishermen to secure the fish. They used 300 pound test lines and before catching the big one, they had another break a line and get away.

Before being released, it was discovered that the giant stingray was pregnant. Great news for the species. The ray was kept for a day and during that time the team discovered the ray was a recapture from six years ago. It already had an implanted microchip. That makes it the first recapture of a giant freshwater stingray ever, according to Corwin.

Corwin told his Facebook fans he would let them know the final results for the Guinness World Record.