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Girl Scout troop leaders chase suspect after theft

INDIANAPOLIS (WISH) – Saturday, a Girl Scout troop had its money pouch stolen. Troop leaders chased the suspect but lost him after he jumped into a white ford van.

According to an Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department report, a man approached the table looking to purchase cookies. Instead, he grabbed the money on the table and ran away.

Troop leaders chased the male until he jumped into a van that was waiting for him. The leaders did not get a license plate number.

The incident happened at the Marathon gas station at 2964 South Keystone Avenue.

Greg Woods, a Beech Grove tow truck driver, heard about the theft. He located the victim’s mother and donated some cash.

“It hit home. When I saw it I thought that could have been my baby girl that got hurt like that, you know,” said Woods, owner of Woods Road Rage Towing.

Other businesses in the Beech Grove area also pitched in. Even complete strangers decided to help.

The goal for the victim is to raise $750 through sales of Girl Scout cookies. The money raised paves the way for the scouts to attend various activities here in the city.

Police have only a vague description of the suspect, and surveillance video of the suspect dashing out of the cameras lens.

Despite the lack of an arrest, the victim’s mother had this message for the suspect:

“Why you can’t get a job? You can’t support your family in other ways? No, you will steal from an innocent 6-year-old,” said Stephanie Allen.