Gloria Rightsell reacts to no charges in her late husband’s death

CRAWFORDSVILLE, Ind. (WLFI) — Gloria Rightsell is not shocked about the Montgomery County Prosecutor’s decision to not file charges against Indiana State Police Trooper Daniel Organ.

She says she can’t get over what she calls a senseless, incomprehensible act.

“Never in my wildest dreams would I ever imagine that he’d [Glenn Rightsell] be shot and killed by the police,” said widowed Gloria Rightsell.

It’s been 70 days since Glenn Rightsell was shot and killed just a quarter of a mile away from his daughter’s house near North Montgomery High School.

“We will never know Glenn’s side because Glenn’s not here to tell it,” said Gloria Rightsell.

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It was Glenn’s daughter’s Chevy Tahoe that was disabled on the side of the road.

As Gloria put it, Glenn was just doing his fatherly duty to fix the car and come home to spend time with the family.

“He said it would be an easy fix and it wouldn’t take him long because we were planning to go to dinner that night,” said Gloria Rightsell.

That night Glenn picked up a heater hose from a local dealership, asked Gloria for a head lamp and then went to repair the car.

That’s when Gloria’s son-in-law called her with this message.

“I don’t want to alarm you, but there’s a lot of police activity going on where Glenn is working on the car,” said Gloria Rightsell.

Then Gloria learned from police he was shot and this is her response to that.

“I asked them well who shot him?” said Gloria Rightsell. “Did the police shoot him? They said yes and I was oh my god, why?”

Why is the word plaguing Gloria’s thoughts.

A 22-year-old trooper with the Indiana State Police shot the man who has taken care of her five children and never complained about life.

The Rightsell’s moved to Crawfordsville from Lafayette to live in a smaller, safer community.

“We always loved Montgomery County and now it’s just sad that I just feel nothing but sadness,” said Gloria Rightsell.

It is sadness that once was good times with her husband.

“He was just dreamy,” said Gloria Rightsell. “Just everything you know. He was my knight in shining armor pulling up on a Harley instead of a horse.”

Harley’s were Glenn’s favorite way to get around town. Gloria said she will keep some of the bikes as keepsakes.

It’s the keepsakes that she will use to remember her late husband and it’s this message that she wishes to say to Glenn one more time.

“Glenn you don’t know how many people loved you,” said Gloria Rightsell. “I’ve often said it’s too bad that people have to die to find out. Too bad you couldn’t have a birthday party and that many people show up.