Governor Pence releases financial disclosure report

INDIANAPOLIS Ind. (WISH) – Republican Vice Presidential candidate and Indiana Governor Mike Pence has released his personal financial information for the world to see. He filed the federal form Thursday night.

That personal financial disclosure form shows Governor Pence’s salary as Indiana’s Governor is really his only source of income, he has no other income coming in.

Pence filed the form required under federal law and is expected to release more tax information in the upcoming weeks.

The disclosure lists Pences’ earn amount at $173,000 from his job as Indiana’s Governor since 2013. It also shows the earnings from Karen Pence’s two small businesses. One is a towel charm business and another as a self-employed artist each bring in less than $1,000 per year.

Pence also lists seven student loans totaling at least $95,000. The Pences have three children.

In a statement released with the Financial disclosure Pence said, “Our family has been honored to serve our state and nation. Like many American families, we have been fortunate and blessed to raise three wonderful children and put them through college while doing work that we love.”

The release of Pence’s financial disclosure form comes ahead of the expected release of Pence’s tax returns.

As for Pence’s outspoken running mate, many have called for Trump to release his tax information. The republican Presidential candidate has refused.  Trump has said he will likely not release his tax returns ahead of the election, citing an ongoing audit.


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