‘Gr8 Comeback’: Touchdown RV

ZIONSVILLE, Ind. (WISH) — Keith Dix hopes through his company Touchdown RV that he can encourage more people to enjoy their journeys in life instead of just racing to the destination.

“I always say people have destination disease,” he said. “We’re so quick to get to where we want to go.”

On Wednesday, his company turned seven years old. The business began as a way to spend time with his family. He started off doing it on the side, buying one recreational vehicle and allowing others to rent it. Now, he runs more than 20 units.

He described the initial impact of COVID-19 as “scary” as he faced more than 40 cancellations, but, after a little while, things turned for the better. Dix says Touchdown RV actually came out better when 2020 was over.

“We did like a ‘V’; it went down and went up, and we pretty much had our best year last year,” he said.

Asked how they’ve managed to succeed, he says the company’s customer service keeps them at the top of people’s lists.

Mike Newberg, who handles the company’s marketing, said his first encounter with Touchdown RV was from a customer’s point of view. When he and his family wanted to have their first RV experience, he says, Dix walked him through every step of the way. Newberg said the service was so good that he jumped at the opportunity when Dix put an ad out for help running the business.

“I said I want to work for you,” Newberg said. “I want to support a guy who takes care of his customers.”

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