Greenwood teen believes prayer saved her life after she was hit by vehicle

GREENWOOD, Ind (WISH) — A Greenwood girl doesn’t just feel lucky to be alive, she feels blessed after being hit by a car while walking.

Fourteen-year-old Shyanna Cummings was hit by a Jeep Saturday evening at the intersection of Madison Avenue and Smith Valley Road. The impact tossed her into the air, and she started having a seizure immediately. The teen escaped without life-threatening injuries.

From getting around in a wheelchair to gaining the strength to walk with crutches; it’s only been a week, but the road to recovery is a tough one for Shyanna.

“I remember the initial hit. But as soon as I got hit, I was unconscious,” she said.

Her mom, Susie Cummings, is caring for her. Shyanna has several fractured bones, a torn ACL and several scrapes and deep cuts. But it isn’t the pain that brings her to tears.

“I thank him so much for what he did,” she said. Shyanna is referring to Tyler Burton, a passerby who also happens to be a close family friend. Tyler witnessed the incident and yelled for people to call 911. Shyanna was having a seizure and Burton began to pray over her. Witnesses say that’s when the seizing stopped.

“He saved my life. I don’t know where I’d be without…if he didn’t pray for me,” said a tearful Shyanna.

Through tears, Susie added, “I’m just very thankful that he was there.”

Moving forward, the Cummings are focused on much more than just physical healing.

“I believed in God, but now I know He really works,” Shyanna said.

“I love my daughter and I’m glad she’s here. I’m so thankful for Tyler Burton,” her mother added.

According to a police report, the driver was not at fault.

Shyanna is expected to make a full recovery. She hopes to have her cast removed within the next couple of weeks, which would be just in time for her very first day of high school.


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