Hamilton County tourism office launches campaign to fill vacant jobs

CARMEL, Ind (WISH) — Help is on the way for the hospitality industry in Hamilton County.

The county tourism office has launched a campaign aimed at filling positions. The county Is using data to reach people on social media and even by mail. Their target is young people and workers who left the industry during the coronavirus pandemic.

President Brenda Myers said tourism in the county is coming back quicker than anticipated. On weekends, hotels are from 80% to 90% full, but, without help during the week, rooms can’t be occupied.

“So, they’re literally having to hold rooms and, so, they can’t sell those rooms on Monday, Tuesday or Wednesday because it takes that long to reset those rooms for consumers, and, for us, that’s not good because we want those rooms to be sold,“ Myers said.

Part of the plan also covers new ways to work with fewer people. This is an effort that board member and owner of Cone & Crumble, Toby Miles, is helping with.

“Say you only have half the staff. How do you structure your menu so you don’t have to close your doors on like a Monday or Tuesday if you’re open seven days a week, which a lot of people are doing but that doesn’t have to be the case?” Miles said.

According to the tourism office, the county gets more than 4 million visitors a year.

The tourism office is hosting a series of innovation labs, they’ve already had one. Any business in the county is welcome, for updates check the Hamilton County tourism website.


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