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Hancock County Humane Society on a mission for a new roof

GREENFIELD, Ind. (WISH) – The Hancock County Humane Society is on a mission to get a new roof and they need the public’s help.

They say water leaks have been a problem for a couple of years now but recently they have gotten much worse in the 50-year-old building.

“We have a flat, specialized, rubber roof so it’s more expensive to begin with and lots of leaking going on all throughout the building,” said Brooke VanVelse, who is a volunteer and board member for the Hancock County Humane Society.

The Hancock County Humane Society is a non-profit all volunteer run group.
“We need it, we don’t get funding from the city, we raise our funds through fundraisers, through adoptions, vaccination clinics, things like that,” VanVelse added.

A new roof is critical to keep the cats inside safe and dry. At this point, there are about 30 cats inside, many of which are free-roaming inside the building.

“We run a community food pantry for people to come and get pet food and in the past year we’ve given over 4,000 pounds of dog food away and 2,000 pounds of cat food and that’s a lot of help. Helping over 50 families in the Hancock County area,” said Vice-President of the Humane Society Heather White.

The total is expected to be around $20,000. The group has applied for a grant that would pay for half if they get it.

“The cats live here, they have to have a nice, dry, safe place to live,” White added.

More information on fundraising campaigns and donations can be found, here.