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Health care costs for Hoosiers are going up; Indiana lawmakers to study why

Health care costs for Hoosiers are going up; Indiana lawmakers to study why

LEBANON, Ind. (WISH) — You’ve probably noticed your health care costs have gone up. Indiana lawmakers have noticed too, and they want to know why.

That’s why they are meeting this summer to study what’s behind the rising costs.

In the small town of Lebanon, Ind. when it comes to healthcare things are tight for Robyn Vortex and her young family.

“We’ve actually been in a situation where we’ve struggled to have good health care for a while,” said Robyn Vortex, who is the mother of a young child.

The health care coverage her job offered took up about two thirds of her paycheck, making it too expensive.

So, the family leans on her husband’s health benefits.

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“Health care has definitely been a big issue for us for a while now,” Vortex explained.

Around the corner,  mother of four, Carolynn Orner has also noticed price increases.

“Some of our medicines have gone up,” Orner said as she held one of her young sons. “Like ear drops especially that used to be cheaper when the older kids had ear infections are now more expensive when he’s getting to use them.” 

They’re not alone. 

National Health Expenditure data from the U.S. Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services, shows out-of-pocket spending grew to $365 billion in 2017.

Prices for health care goods and services are projected to rise until 2027. 

Dr. John Cowan said there are ways you can save some money.

“When they need prescriptions like if they came in and had an eye infection or something, and need a drug, don’t go to the emergency room,” Dr. John Cowan explained. “Go to the immediate care because it’s cheaper, it’s quicker, and they can give you a prescription you can have filled at the pharmacy that way.”

This summer, Indiana lawmakers will meet to talk about why health care costs are rising, and take testimony on the different reasons.

It’s a reassuring thought for the Vortex family.

“I think that’s great!” Vortex explained.

The list of lawmakers on the Summer Study Committees can be found here