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An Indianapolis woman with a disability’s journey to employment

A disabled Indianapolis woman’s journey to employment through adversity

INDIANAPOLIS (WISH) — October is National Disability Awareness Month, and one Indianapolis woman has found her place in the workforce despite facing significant challenges.

In 2020, OneAmerica joined forces with Easterseals Crossroads and participated in the ‘Pathways to Opportunity” program for individuals often overlooked in the workforce. For Linda Beck, this partnership marked a turning point in a life marked by adversity.

Easterseals Crossroads provided guidance and support, helping Linda secure a job at OneAmerica, where Linda Beck now plays a vital role in converting film into digital images.

Karen Causey, the manager for Pathways to Opportunity, played a key role in Linda’s development. She said, “When Linda first came to us, she had not worked. We helped her secure an interim job at a daycare, and she landed a job at OneAmerica that she loves.”

Brian Pinkins, the director of corporate support services at OneAmerica, explained the significance of their partnership with Easterseals in providing opportunities for underserved talent. “Linda is a part of Easterseals. We started a partnership with Easter Seals to create a pipeline of great talent that normally gets overlooked or underserved,” he said.

Linda expressed her gratitude, saying, “When I first saw OneAmerica, I thought there’s no way I can do that. Because of the kindness and compassion from my bosses and co-workers, they’ve made it possible for me to learn and do better.”

Linda’s journey exemplifies the power of support and opportunities in helping individuals overcome adversity and achieve their goals.

She says now she feels more confident, independent, and committed to ongoing personal growth while highlighting the impact of programs that break down barriers and open doors to those who may be left behind in the workforce.