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Average person feels tired over 4 hours each day

Adults over 18 need at least seven hours of solid sleep at night to be healthy, according to the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. (Photo by Ekaterina Vasileva-Bagler/Moment RF/Getty Images)

(WISH)– A new poll finds many people are actually sleep-walking through their days.

Researchers found that the average American spends 1,460 hours a year feeling tired. The survey Conducted by Talker Research for MD Live, of 2,000 adults examined how Americans deal with their symptoms and found that the average person feels tired four hours a day.

“Despite using words like ‘tired’ and ‘exhausted’ interchangeably, there are distinct and clinical differences between tiredness and fatigue,” said Dr. Maggie Williams, medical director for MD Live Virtual Primary Care, in a release. “Occasional tiredness can often be managed with better sleep habits and lifestyle changes, but fatigue is a persistent exhaustion that could signal underlying health issues that should be discussed with a doctor.”

For people living with persistent health issues, it can be even worse. The survey also included 1,000 respondents who reported suffering from a chronic disease, including diabetes, obesity, or hypertension, among other conditions. More than half of respondents (51%) are not convinced that fatigue is a serious health concern, and 35% aren’t aware that fatigue can have a link to an underlying health problem. Despite that, a staggering 88% identified having symptoms of fatigue regularly.

“If sleep-related issues or feelings of extreme tiredness begin to interfere with your quality of life, it’s important to consult a doctor. Before diagnosis, more than one-third of chronic disease sufferers noted they experienced extreme tiredness without realizing it was a symptom of their underlying condition,” Williams said. “A doctor’s evaluation can help identify the root cause of any symptoms and develop an effective treatment plan.”