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Cardiologist shares 20 minute exercise routine for the cold weather

INDIANAPOLIS (WISH) — Although it may be cold, it’s important to keep up a healthy workout routine.

Dr. Rafael Garcia-Cortes, a cardiologist at Ascension St. Vincent Heart Center, joined Daybreak on Wednesday to share a quick cold weather workout.

The workout is 20 minutes and a great way to keep your heart strong and healthy.

“When you work out in the cold, the most important part is making sure you dress appropriately. So, cover your extremities and everything that could be very cold, but most importantly, you should warm up. You should be hot enough that when you go outside, you keep getting warmer,” Garcia-Cortes said.

The workout begins with a five minute warm-up.

The warm-up starts with dynamic stretches inside and is followed by a five-step circuit. Follow the warm-up circuit by referencing the photo below.

After following the warm-up circuit, Garcia-Cortes recommends you go outside and walk, jog, or run for 15 minutes.

“Now you’re dressed, you’re sweating, you’re ready to go out and what I recommend is to know your strengths and limitations. If you can walk fast. 15-20 minutes of this. If you can walk and jog, you can do one-on-one intervals where you do 30 seconds of walking, 30 seconds of jogging,” Garcia-Cortes said.