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Dr. Jerome Adams talks about new rise in COVID cases, long-term symptoms

(Photo aired on WISH-TV)

INDIANAPOLIS (WISH) — The number of reported COVID-19 cases is rising again, leaving many to wonder if the United States is facing another wave of the virus.

Dr. Jerome Adams, WISH-TV medical expert and a former U.S. surgeon general, said Monday that the numbers are rising the fastest in Texas, Florida, and New York, with a 10% increase in COVID-19-related hospitalizations.

“Many people feel like they’ve moved on from COVID, but unfortunately COVID has not moved on from us,” Adams said. “We’re not going back to a place where we’re shutting down schools or where we’re having mask mandates, but it doesn’t mean that we can’t protect ourselves when we do see a surge coming.”

Adams says knowing cases are rising can help those who have comorbidity or who are older begin taking precautions if they’re going to crowded spaces.

Dr. Adams also spoke on the long-term COVID symptoms, like brain fog, which are now becoming the focus of many new treatment studies.

“Hopefully, we’ll start to get a few more answers in terms of actually how we define (COVID) and what treatments are going to be effective for people.

“This could be the biggest legacy of COVID. Even with over a million people who have died, we could have tens of millions of people suffering from long-term COVID symptoms.

“It takes a long time (to get answers). We were spoiled with how rapidly things progressed in 2020 with COVID tests and vaccines, but we’ve got to keep our foot on the gas again.”

Finally, Adams comments on Colts’ player Anthony Richardson undergoing a septoplasty to help with his breathing. “With septoplasty, it takes anywhere from 2 – 6 weeks to be completely healed. If Anthony Richardson is on this timeline, we’re not going to see him on the field until well into the season.”