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Local experts focus on men’s oral hygiene

INDIANAPOLIS (WISH) — June is Men’s Health Month, and local doctors are bringing more awareness to men’s oral hygiene.

They say it’s important to remember that caring for your physical and oral well-being goes hand-in-hand. Dr. David Austin from Managed Health Services Indiana says men should invest in their health.

Austin said neglecting oral health can lead to complications like tooth decay, gum disease, and even heart disease. Fortunately, many oral diseases can be prevented and treated when detected early. Dr. Austin says men see better outcomes when they practice preventative care.

“Men, unfortunately, will put things off until it until there’s some pain associated. Unfortunately, it’s usually too late once it gets to the point where it’s hurting. Preventive care is healthier. It takes less time. It’s less expensive, and it’s more comfortable,” Austin said.

For anyone who does not have employer sponsored benefits, Austin encourages them to give MHS Indiana a call. Navigators on-site can connect people with benefits or determine if they are eligible for Medicaid.

For those with Medicaid, it’s important to ensure your contact information is up to date with the state, as the redetermination of benefits is happening right now.