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Lung Health Day: Understanding the significance of respiratory well-being

Lung Health Day: Understanding the significance of respiratory well-being

INDIANAPOLIS (WISH) — It’s Lung Health Day on Wednesday, and local experts are stressing the importance of respiratory wellness.

Researchers say there are numerous factors, including recent global health crises, lifestyle choices, and environmental concerns, that researchers have identified as contributors to the increasing prevalence of lung-related diseases.

Medical professionals say that a growing number of health risks stem from various factors, yet they also stress the existence of preventive measures to maintain healthy lungs.

Indianapolis pulmonologist and critical care physician Dr. Francesca Duncan says lung health is pivotal in our overall well-being. Duncan outlined key factors influencing lung health and highlighted specific warning signs to watch out for.

“Some cases may be associated with prior occupations or exposures extending back a decade or more. The manifestation of symptoms can be gradual, with the timeline dependent on the nature of these exposures,” Duncan said.

Addressing the issue of smoking, Duncan says individuals who smoke should seriously consider quitting this habit, acknowledging the challenges that come with doing so.

“It’s common to experience shortness of breath during physical activities, but if you observe a decline in your ability to engage in activities without becoming breathless, it’s a cause for concern. Persistent coughs, especially when accompanied by blood, and unexplained weight loss should not be disregarded,” she said.

If you have a loved one who’s a heavy smoker and is over 50, it’s a good idea to suggest they get a lung scan to check their cancer risk. Duncan also suggests that our dietary choices can make a significant impact.