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Purdue Global expert recommends getting flu and COVID vaccinations at the same time

Purdue professor explains fall vaccinations

INDIANAPOLIS (WISH) — Health experts predict a rise in respiratory illnesses like COVID-19, the flu, and colds this fall and winter.

It comes as the Centers for Disease Control updated its vaccination recommendations for some allergies.

People with egg allergies can now get either egg-based or non-egg-based flu vaccines.

According to Purdue Global nursing Professor Tyffany Florczyk, additional safety measures are no longer needed as reactions due to egg allergies are rare.

However, regardless of the kind of allergy, the agency still recommends getting vaccinated in a setting where allergic reactions can be quickly recognized.

This year’s flu vaccine protects against four common strains of the illness.

Meanwhile, the newest COVID booster rolled out earlier this month.

Florczyk says new data shows you can get both vaccinations at the same time.

“The benefit of receiving both vaccines in the same visit is that, of course, you will receive protection from both conditions,” she said. “If side effects occur from the vaccinations, they will happen at one time, and the co-administration of both vaccinations requires fewer visits to your provider. “

The CDC recommends anyone six months or older to get vaccinated for both diseases.

Children under the age of 8 may need two shots for the flu. Children under the age of 5 may need multiple doses of the COVID-19 vaccine.