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What former US surgeon general and WISH medical expert says about cold and flu season

Health Spotlight: Dr. Jerome Adams on gearing up for cold and flu season

INDIANAPOLIS (WISH) — Dr. Jerome Adams, the WISH-TV medical expert and a former U.S. surgeon general, talked Monday on News 8 about holiday season and the potential for an uptick in cold and flu cases as well as the coronavirus.

“Well, we know we had a surge at the end of summer, beginning of fall, and that surge has been coming down steadily, but we’re still going to see the COVID numbers tick back up again.

“Most of your viewers probably know someone who’s had COVID in the last couple of weeks. So, it’s why I’ve been really telling people: make sure you get your flu shot, make sure you get up to date on your COVID vaccine, make sure you understand your risk. If you’re someone who’s got diabetes, if you’re someone who’s obese, if you’re someone who uses an inhaler, it’s especially important that you’re prepared going into the holiday season.”

What about getting COVID tests?

“The U.S. government is sending out four free COVID tests to every family in America at You can go there and sign up, and they will send your tests out. I actually signed up earlier today for my four free tests, and I recommend people do that. Why not have them on hand, right? I mean, I know I was sick a couple of months ago, and it was before they were offering it again. It was after they stopped offering.”

The doctor said he had trouble finding COVID tests, and ended up paying for one.

People can test before they go to holiday season events to make sure you’re well and doing infect someone else, he noted.

“But also, on the back end, if you’re having symptoms after traveling, you can tell whether or not you’re positive and you need to isolate and you can get Paxlovid.”

Adams also talked on Monday’s appearance about finding a balance while eating during the holiday season, and cautioned people to address their own mental health as well as others’.

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