Heavy rainfall taking a toll on central Indiana lawns

Heavy rainfall taking a toll on central Indiana lawns

BROWNSBURG, Ind. (WISH) — Finding a neighborhood in central Indiana that isn’t dealing with flooding right now isn’t easy. 

Sometimes the water is too high and you have to just wait it out, but experts from Brownsburg Landscape said getting outside and looking at where water buildup is happening in your yard, can save you time and money later. 

“Residents can pay attention to where the water may be kind of gathering when we do get a lot of rain that would help them realize that you know maybe there is some regrading that needs to be done,” said Sharina Ballou.

Ballou said making sure your yard is properly graded or leveled makes a huge difference. It’s important  your lawn slopes toward a drainage area or ditch. 

Michael Cox said he’s trying to stay ahead of the problem but with more rain on the way, he’s not sure there is much more he can do. 

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“I had the sump pumps going full time you have to keep the water out but then where does it go once you pump it out except right back on top of the already saturated ground?” Cox pointed out. 

Ballou said calling a professional isn’t your only option. If the water isn’t too deep, you can use a water snake or tube to help with draining.