Helping Your Tween Go Back to School Body Positive

If your tween is not in uniforms for school, you know how daunting back to school shopping can be for yourself and your children. Know that no matter what they choose to wear on that first day of school, it is more important to send them back to school with a positive body image and a healthy sense of self.

With over 20 years of experience with helping celebrities, public figures, politicians, and models develop a personal brand, Makeup Artist & Image Consultant Brandie Price can tell you that this age is vital when developing a positive body image.

She has uncovered that many of my clients hit a road block while developing their brand due to something that was said to them or something that they internalized about the worth of their body as compared to someone else while they were in this tween stage. The old adage of “sticks and stones” is a farce.

Brandie says our wardrobe choices are an outward reflection of our inner importance, so if we work on the core body image together, the style will develop naturally.

On today’s Indy Style, she shares ways that parents can get involved with promoting a positive image:

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Do set a good example of taking care of and honoring your body. How do we do that?

Don’t use body negative words. Remove the F-word, or the S-word (aka Fat or Skinny) and any similar word that you may use from your daily language. Quit referring to your arms as a “problem area.” Tweens don’t know to refer to their bodies as a problem area, unless they are taught that thought process. Talking about your problem areas in front of your tween subliminally set the standard of what is “good enough” or “acceptable” and “not good enough” or “unworthy” which is damaging to your self worth and your tweens. Chances are that your tweens are going to be hearing these words directed at themselves or at others and both are damaging to a healthy body image. Work hard to not be the source of it.

Do get comfortable with looking in the mirror and help your daughter get comfortable with looking in the mirror. I usually recommend to parents to come up with something positive they tell themselves while looking in the mirror. My daughter and I stand in front of a full length mirror every morning and say. “I am strong, I am beautiful, I am worthy.” It was odd for both of us the first time I included her, but it is now one of her favorite routines in the morning.

Do get active with your tweens, if they are interested in a sport support them by practicing that sport with them. Throw the ball around, shoot some hoops. Show them that exercise is an important part of the body’s optimal function. Show them how to develop gratitude for a body that can accomplish hard things. This is also a great way for you to set an example of prioritizing time management and get your work out in.

Do prepare healthy foods that are life giving every chance you can, and include your tweens in the preparation. Explain to your tween how food fuels the body for all of those physical activities. It is never too early or too late to start a good habit.

Don’t avoid talking p to your tween about bullying and peer pressure. Open that conversation, and realize that it may be awkward the first few times that you talk about these things. Many tweens do not want to share when they have experienced bullying or peer pressure because of shame. You want to cap off the feeling of shame as early as you can and keep that conversation open.

Do help your tween start to play with different styles while you are shopping. If she wants to try the cold shoulder top, let her. If he wants to try on a pair of skater shoes, let him. By allowing them to try different styles you are helping your tween to develop their own personal style. Ask them how they feel in each item, notice their posture, and see if they are smiling while wearing it. Allow them to develop a style that is different from their friends. This will give them a big boost of confidence.

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