‘Hero’ officer arrested after domestic violence situation

Indianapolis police arrest ‘hero’ jail officer

INDIANAPOLIS (WISH) — A police officer used his position to intimidate and abuse his girlfriend, according to investigators.

Investigators say video shows the Pike Township Constable officer telling his girlfriend he oversees the entire police department and that nobody can stop him from doing whatever he wants.

They add there was physical abuse, threats to family and friends, controlling behavior, and he told her if she let anyone know what was going on, she’d wish she was dead. All of this coming from a man who was called a hero on the news in August of 2018.

In 2018, Michael Nesbitt helped stop a shootout from happening at a gas station while he was off duty. News 8 interviewed Nesbitt and he played off the praise he received from the community.

“I don’t think that I’m a hero,” Nesbitt told News 8.

Wednesday, investigators show a different side of Nesbitt. He knew and had been living with his girlfriend for about 2 months. She told investigators during those two months she had been subjected to torment from Nesbitt.

She says he hurt her physically, installed security cameras in her apartment, didn’t allow her to use the bathroom at night, and more.

She tells investigators he threatened her life on several occasions and threatened those she loved. She tells police he threatened to cut her brake lines, take away her kids, tase her, and punch her teeth in. Some of the abuse stemmed from his position as a police officer according to investigators.

They say they were given a video where Nesbitt, in full uniform, mentioned he could bring the police straight to her apartment with the press of a button and he wouldn’t be the one getting in trouble. He also claimed he oversaw the entire police force and that he was pretty sure he owns the entire city.

His girlfriend told investigators she was scared to call the police after the threats Nesbitt made, but was eventually able to after she attempted to break up with him.

Nesbitt showed up to the apartment claiming his girlfriend had another man over, and that he wanted to have a word with them. The only other people inside the apartment were the police, who arrested Nesbitt as he told them they were making a mistake.

Michael Nesbitt is facing two counts of domestic battery, two counts of intimidation, and one count of strangulation.

If you find yourself in a domestic violence situation or know someone who is in one, you can find more resources here.