Homicides down in Indianapolis in 2015

INDIANAPOLIS (WISH) — Newly released data reveals a drop in the number of Indianapolis homicides this year.

So far there have been 39 murders. By the end of March in 2014, the total was 55.

The number of detectives closing recent murder cases has also improved. It currently stands at 68 percent.

IMPD said the public has played a big role in helping them crack down on crime by calling in tips to the Crime Stoppers hotline.

“IMPD can’t take full credit for the improved numbers. It takes a whole community to come together. We will continue to roll up our sleeves to make a difference,” said Indianapolis Chief of Police Rick Hite.

Extra traffic stops and patrolling near high crime hot spots could also be a contributing factor.

In 2015, IMPD ramped up targeting long term offenders and those rumored to be helping them to sell drugs or illegal weapons.

This thought process led to eight arrests within one week when IMPD’s North District Unit targeted suspicious activity near several local gas stations.

If you would like to continue to help IMPD clean up the streets, you can remain anonymous. The number to call is 317-262-TIPS (8477).

The Victims Assistance Unit number is also available free of charge to anyone impacted by violence. The direct number is 317-327-3315