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Hoosiers react to child confined in closet, arrests of couple

HUNTINGBURG, Ind. (WEHT) — The Dubois County Sheriff’s Office continues to investigate a couple accused of converting a closet into a lockable cage and confining a child there.

Deputies said a child was kept in the cage and deprived of food, water and sanitary facilities.

People in Huntingburg are reacting to the case of Alan and Aimee Friz. They were released on bond after their arrests on multiple felony charges. Alan’s was set at a $25,000 cash bond and Aimee’s at $10,000.

Alan Friz faces four counts of sexual misconduct with a minor, 11 counts of neglect of a dependent and 11 counts of criminal confinement. Aimee Friz faces 11 counts of neglect of a dependent and 11 counts of criminal confinement. All of their counts are felonies. The couple pleaded not guilty in court Monday.

According to deputies, a child was inappropriately touched on multiple occasions by Dr. Alan Friz, who owns a dental practice in Huntingburg.

On Wednesday, locals shared their opinions now that the Frizes are out.

“I think if you do the crime, you should pay the price,” resident Kenny Hochgesang said.

Some Huntingburg residents were not happy that the Frizes were released.

“It’s just not right for him to be out,” former patient Lindsey Castillo said.

“Have I been around them before, yes. We have seen them in restaurants and things of that nature, but there was always something peculiar,” resident Tina Dearing said.

It’s not just people who live in Huntingburg who are talking. This case has received international coverage. The Daily Mail in the United Kingdom also reported about the case.

According to the affidavit, Aimee Friz referenced the child was mentally disabled, basing that on an online search the couple made. The affidavit also states the couple said they were “trying to find a placement for the child.”

“I don’t see how someone can mistreat a person with special needs. My grandson is one, and I can’t imagine it. If you have trouble with them, then you seek counseling, you seek therapies of that nature rather than just assuming you’re going to take care of it yourself,” Dearing said.

A patient of the dentist said she learned of the news after showing up for her appointment.

“I think, I’m like, wow, it’s crazy. ‘Cause like whenever I went to my dentist appointment, I’m thinking why isn’t he here,” patient Kady Harris said.

She said she recalled seeing photos in his office of his children, but now is just stunned.

The Dubois County Sheriff’s Office said Alan and Aimee Friz have been ordered to have no contact with the victim.

Their next court hearing is set for Nov. 9.