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Hoosiers travel to Texas to help flood victims

AUSTIN, Ind. (WISH) — How far would you go to help someone in need?

For Karen Lankton-Schmidt, the answer is at least 1,000 miles. She’s a Red Cross volunteer from Zionsville who flew to Texas this week to assist people affected by torrential downpours.

“They’re facing a disaster and I had the time and some of the skills that would help them and make a difference and make their life easier,” Lankton-Schmidt said.

More than a dozen Red Cross workers from Indiana are on the ground across Texas, where fast-moving floodwaters killed at least 16 people and nine soldiers at Fort Hood in the past week.

Lankton-Schmidt is in Austin, but the work she does there affects people across the state. She’s helping Red Cross decide where to use their resources by tracking floodwater. With Lankton-Schmidt’s help, people can get supplies before disaster strikes.

“I just want to give them encouragement and let them know we are out here and we want to get them help as much as we can,” she said.

Other volunteers from Indiana are providing shelter, mental health care and transportation. Red Cross Indiana also sent two emergency vehicles to Texas.

“That’s kind of the way we are in Indiana, and it’s nice to be able to help people from other areas,” Lankton-Schmidt said.

The Red Cross is still looking for volunteers and donations. You can reach the organization at 317-684-0441.