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Hottest new products from the 2019 International Home and Housewares Show

Hottest new products from the 2019 International Home and Housewares Show

More than 2,200 exhibitors… from over 50 countries!

That’s what you’ll find at the International Home and Housewares Show, the world’s premier exposition of products for the home.

Lifestyle Expert Sissy Biggers gives us an exclusive look at some of the hottest new products that were featured at the show.

NUCU Baking Pans 

Hottest new products from the 2019 International Home and Housewares Show

•    Nothing says housewares more than baking pans, and one of the biggest trends we’ll be seeing at this year’s International Home + Housewares Show is that consumers want commercial grade performance in their home kitchen. And that’s what you’ll get with these NUCU pans. They’re 100% aluminum, gold, nonstick coated pans provide that provide exceptional durability AND they’re made in the USA! (Wisconsin)
•    Why is 100% aluminum important? Most bakeware is a combination of aluminized steel and steel, which is not a good conductor of heat. 100% aluminum distributes heat evenly for consistent baking and the nonstick, gold color helps prevent over-browning (darker pans absorb more heat are more prone to burning) 
•    NUCU is manufactured by Vollarth, a 145-year-old company that caters to the professional food service industry, and now, with NUCU, their products are available to the consumer
•    Prices range from $30-$40, Available at select specialty stores and at

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Turbo Pot

Hottest new products from the 2019 International Home and Housewares Show

•    Here’s another commercial-grade product that is just coming to the consumer market. Turbo Pot cookware has been being used by several major restaurant chains like the Cheesecake Factory and Panda Express because of its high-performance and high-speed cooking abilities. *Note: these pots are made for gas stovetop cooking
•    Gas stove top cooking is not efficient. Gas escapes from under the side of the pot, reducing heat transfer and slowing your cooking. To improve this, Turbo Pot put these unique, heat exchanger fins on the bottom of the cookware.  a revolutionary design that increases the heating surface area and distributes the heat evenly.
•    As a result, the Turbo Pot’s patented, advanced, heat sink technology captures more heat, reduces energy use by 30% and decreases cooking time by 30%-50%
•    Also cooks healthier: less emissions in the air, reduces carbon footprint and helps vegetables retain nutrients
•    Prices range from $40-$80, Available on Amazon or

Melitta Artisan Porcelain Pour-Over Coffeemaker

Hottest new products from the 2019 International Home and Housewares Show

•    One of the biggest categories at the Housewares show is coffee innovation. So, it’s ironic that Pour-Over Coffee is making a come-back! What’s old is new again. And Melitta makes it easy to have handcrafted, coffeehouse quality, single-serve coffee in your home
•    In fact, Melitta is the brand that invented the pour-over brew method. In 1908, a German housewife, Melitta Bentz, she was tired of bitter coffee, so she punched holes in the bottom of a brass pot with a nail, and coffee history was made. The Melitta name has since become synonymous with pour-over coffee and the company’s universally recognized coffee filters
•    The beauty of pour-over when you are entertaining is that you can offer each guest their own, individualized, brewing experience (regular, decaf, dark roast, etc.) The price points are so reasonable that you can keep a number of pour over units ready to go
•    It’s also a great space-saver on your countertop (as opposed to large coffee makers) Great for dorm room or city apartments.
•    Brand new is the Heritage Series Pour-Over Coffeemakers allow you to entertain in style, and brew and serve in a variety of vintage-colored carafes
•    Prices range from $15-$50, Available at most retail outlets and online (

Cuisinart Air Fryer (AFR 25)

•    Another hot category at the Housewares show are Air fryers. They are booming in popularity, especially for families with young children (who love anything crispy) They are a healthy alternative to deep frying
•    Cuisinart is synonymous with countertop appliances, and this is their brand-new, compact air fryer, the Cuisinart AFR 25. This smaller unit saves countertop space and has a sleek stainless-steel design so it’s a nice addition to countertop displays
•    Though compact, it has a large capacity (up to 2.5 lbs. of food) and is simple to use: just one turn of the knob to set time and another turn to set temperature
•    Uses 98%-100% less oil than a deep fryer 
•    Price: $100, Just launched! Available at Kohl’s (soon will be more widely available) (


Hottest new products from the 2019 International Home and Housewares Show

•    Another hot category at the Housewares show is anything robotic. And this ECOVACS DEEBOT OZMO 930, takes robotic vacuuming (and mopping) to the next level. In fact, this is the first 2-in-1 unit that combines both vacuuming and mopping in one model! (an industry exclusive!)
•    What makes the DEEBOT unique is the adaptive floor sensing technology. So, it knows if it’s on carpet or hardwood floor and it will adapt accordingly. It also has laser-based smart navigation that scans and maps cleaning areas, so it learns and constantly adapts to your home
•    Download the App and you can draw virtual boundaries and pinpoint specific areas to clean or avoid. If you have a spill in the kitchen, just circle where the spill is and the DEEBOT will come and clean it up! In fact, with just a press of a button, I have just started vacuuming my house back in (Chicago). You can also schedule regular cleaning times (i.e. every Saturday at 9am) and it even has Alexa and Google Home integration
•    Price: MSRP is $650 (but you can find it online at discounted prices – $50 to $100 less), Available at most major retailers (

Bartesian Cocktail Maker

Hottest new products from the 2019 International Home and Housewares Show

•    Now that we’ve done all this cooking and cleaning, it’s time for a cocktail! And this is awesome! It’s the Bartesian, the first-ever cocktail maker to use capsuled flavors with your choice of liquor for making premium cocktails at home with just the touch of a button.
•    It couldn’t be easier! Just place your favorite vodka, gin, tequila, whiskey or rum in these clear containers and put them in the appropriate spot and add water in the main unit.
Then pick the cocktail you’d like to make. Four classic cocktails are available: Cosmopolitan, Margarita, Whiskey Sour and Sex on the Beach. And two Bartesian signature cocktails: Uptown Rocks (gin cocktail) and Bartesian Breeze (rum cocktail). (And more to come soon! Including Old Fashioned, Sazerac, Boulevardier, Manhattan, Long Island Iced Tea, and more!) 
•    All you need to do is put the pod in the Bartesian, choose a strength: light, regular or double…there is even a “mocktail” for an alcohol-free choice (that kids will love!) press a button, and the cocktails are ready in seconds! And don’t worry that you’ll mix a flavor with the wrong liquor. There is a barcode on the pod that lets the Bartesian know which alcohol goes with that pod.
•    You’ll have a blast at your next party playing bartender and making everyone’s personal favorite cocktails to order!
•    Price: $299.00, Available only for pre-order right now at Will be released later in March (

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