How central Indiana schools have prepared for coronavirus

How central Indiana schools have prepared for coronavirus

LAWRENCE, Ind. (WISH) — School districts across central Indiana are taking key steps to keep children safe at school and prevent the spread of novel coronavirus.

Over the weekend, Noblesville schools learned a parent with no symptoms was directed to self-quarantine after attending an out-of-state event where someone else had tested positive for COVID-19.

Lawrence Advance Academy is small, with only 116 students. But Principal Tracey Means is on top of coronavirus prevention.

“We’re just trying to keep our students and staff as protected as we possibly can,” Means said.

If you walk around the hallways or classrooms, you’ll see hand sanitizer and disinfectant wipes within easy reach.

“We’re trying to wipe down desks, usually after each period, wipe down door handles, our phone carousels. Those things students have a tendency to use often,” Means said.

In addition, Hamilton Southeastern, Noblesville, Washington and Warren township schools all have detailed coronavirus prevention plans. For instance some plans include having a “flu protocol” type of cleaning in all buildings or frequent hand washing.

Indianapolis Public Schools on Sunday released a detailed coronavirus response plan, which deals with handling school attendance or school-sponsored student travel.

Lawrence Township Schools, Carmel Clay Schools and Noblesville schools have told parents they frequently deep clean, sanitize and disinfect classrooms and commonly used, high-traffic areas.

“Things have been kicked into high gear. We have been making additional hand sanitizer available across the district, limiting some contact that might otherwise take place. But our buildings are cleaned on a nightly basis,” Dana Altemeyer, director of communications for Lawrence Township schools, said.

Back at Lawrence Academy, they’re taking zero chances.

“We have got special soap in all of our restrooms that our students are to use. As we monitor the hallways, we make sure that they wash those hands and are not just running the water,” Means said.

As of Monday evening, none of the school districts mentioned here were handling confirmed cases of coronavirus.