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How Coolsculpting works to reduce body fat

How Coolsculpting works to reduce body fat

Get rid of that unwanted fat this swimsuit season with an easy treatment that takes only a couple of hours.

Dr. John Fry, Founding Physician, EssenceMD, shares more about Coolsculpting. Dr. Fry says: 

1. To understand Coolsculpting, you need to understand fat:

•    We all have a set amount of fat cells—when we gain weight it’s because those fat cells are expanding in size.
•    Some individuals may have stubborn pockets of fat that are more difficult to reduce despite diet and exercise.
•    Because we all carry fat in different areas of our bodies, not everyone will see this excess in the same areas of our bodies.

How Coolsculpting works to reduce body fat

2.  What is Coolsculpting?

The proper Medical term for coolsculpting is Cryolioposis which means “to freeze the fat”.  Each Coolsculpting treatment time will vary from patient to patient depending on how many areas needed to be treated and what their overall expection or desired outcomes are.  We refer to each session in measurements of cycles in order to determine each patients treatment plan and how much time will be needed for each visit in order to achieve the best possible aesthetic outcome.  Each cycle is 35-45 mins and patients often times have up to four cycles that are needed per treatment session.  So, its very common for a patient to be at our office for a couple of hours.  

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3. What is dual sculpting?  

We offer our patients the luxury of having two machines per treatment session as a way to reduce their time away from their daily activities.  So it allows them to be able to have multiple cycles during their appt with half of the time needed.  

4.  What can a patient expect during their Coolsculpting visits? 

Our Coolsculpting suites are set up to bring our patients both comfort and convenience.  A patient may watch a movie, catch up on the news or emails or relax during their visits with us.  

How Coolsculpting works to reduce body fat

5.  Results?  

With each treatment session patients can generally expect around 22% fat reduction in that area. Maxium results are seen in 90 days of the initial treatment.  A second round may be performed at 30 days after the initial treatment has been completed for those patients needing more than the 20% reduction of fat in those areas.

FDA cleared, Effective, Non surgical, Painless, no downtime.

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