How to eat healthier, avoid overeating at the State Fair

INDIANAPOLIS (WISH) – Wednesday marks the 6th day for the State Fair and if you haven’t gone down to check out the sites and taste the food, there is still have plenty of time.

What if you’ve already gone and are planning another trip? What if you want to avoid eating all that fried food again, what are your options? News 8 talked to dietitian Katie Hawke from IU Health. She suggests first to try not to over eat. There are a ton of good options to try but dietitians suggest smaller portions to help. 

There are some specific food items ready at the fair like lamb tacos. Lamb is a great source of protein and important nutrients like iron, zinc, selenium and vitamin B12. Trying the turkey leg is also an option, depending on the size of the turkey leg, which can be a great source of protein. How about keeping it simple with a salad or sandwich from the deli? Customize it with your own vegetables, which contain lots of vitamins, minerals and fiber to keep you full. 

Some things to watch out for are condiments. Ask for any added sauce or toppings on the side to better control the amount used. 

Don’t go on an empty stomach. This is likely to lead to overeating, possibly resulting in a stomach ache.

Also, bring water to drink, especially in the heat.

Lastly share! The portion sizes of many items can contain a day’s worth of calories. Go with a group of people to split certain items that you’ve been looking forward to trying.