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How to make Annessa’s Wellness Water

INDIANAPOLIS (WISH) — Say goodbye to water you believe to be boring, and hello to a delicious, refreshing, thirst-quenching drink you can keep with you throughout the day.

This wellness water will keep you energized and motivated.


  • Mix of fresh fruits and herbs
  • Zest of citrus fresh spring water  
  • Optional: tea bag
  1. In a reusable water bottle, add fresh sliced fruit, such as pineapple core and raspberries, along with mint and ice.
  2. Add any herbs such as mint or basil. Slices of cucumber make it taste sweet and refreshing.
  3. Pour fresh water over.  
  4. Zest lemon on top of ice.
  5. Here’s another idea: Add a tea bag to your fresh water and let it flavor the water throughout the day. Take it with you for a refreshing drink!