How to save money at the pump as gas prices soar

INDIANAPOLIS (WISH) — If you’re filling up your gas tank often, it may end up emptying your wallet. That’s because gas prices are at a three-year high, and experts predict rates will get worse this summer.     

From this time last year to this year in Indiana, AAA reported gas is up about 70 cents per gallon.         

And a new GasBuddy study reported prices could go higher than $3 a gallon.     

Indiana gas prices are already close to that number.

“Drive my son to school, I have to pick him up. I also have to pick my girls up from their afterschool program, so that’s going to add extra expenses,” said LaPorsha Mitchell, who lives in Indianapolis.      

But GasBuddy has some tips to save money. The tech company suggested people drive the speed limit and make sure their tire pressure is where it should be. The tire pressure is especially important for drivers in Indianapolis, after a pothole-filled winter.     

People we talked to in Indianapolis on Friday had their own tips, including oil changes and carpooling.  

GasBuddy identified Monday as the cheapest day to fill up gas while Friday was seen as the most expensive.     

It could also be a good idea to shop around and look to see what the prices are around town. Click here to see prices in your area.