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How to stay motivated to walk

INDIANAPOLIS (WISH) – Wednesday morning Andee Bookmyer with Indianapolis Moms joined Daybreak to discuss the benefits of walking. As warmer weather approaches, Bookmyer discussed how walking can be just as effective toward your physical health as running or physical cardio.

Walking is a great way to introduce physical activity into your routine. Bookmyer explained the positive impact walking has on the body.

“Walking is such a gateway into the exercise world and sometimes it gets a bad rep. There is a perception that exists that if it is not running, or sprinting, or high intensity cardio that its not effective but that is not the case,” Bookmyer said. “Walking even though it is low impact, it can get your heart rate up. It can lower your risk for diseases. It can boost your confidence, boost your mood.”

It is important to prepare your body prior to walking. A few recommended steps include:

  • Stretching
  • Foam rolls
  • Warm ups
  • Cooling down

Following these steps can reduce aching pains that could result from the increase in activity.

Bookmyer says baby steps are okay. The key to having a successful walk is to stay consistent.

Walking also provides mental benefits. Studies show walking allows you to enjoy the moment, improve your mood, and alleviate stress and anxiety.

“We don’t have to focus on the distance or the calories burned, or did we do an incline or not,” Bookmyer said. “Lets make it more about enjoying the actual movement and seeing the effect it has on our mind and our body.”

You can find more information about Andee Bookmyer and her blog here.