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Hundreds expected on Monument Circle for Early Voting Kickoff March

INDIANAPOLIS (WISH) — Several Indianapolis leaders are coming together Sunday with a march and rally starting on Monument Circle aimed at encouraging Hoosiers to vote.

Gathering for the march will start on the west side of the circle at 11 a.m. before moving to the City-County Building at noon for a rally that will include a lineup of speakers.

“Registration is just one part. But now we need to educate our young voters and focus on transportation to help get people to the polls,” said Tracy Boyd, an organizer with Get Out And Vote 2020.

Sunday’s rally is a joint effort between Councilman William ‘Duke’ Oliver, several churches, businesses, and organizations including the Urban League.

“We started getting the word out at churches and the word spread. We are now expecting several hundred people but we do have a focus on millennials and senior citizens,” said event organizer Pastor Clyde Posley, Jr.

Posley said that now more than ever people have an awareness of what’s happening in the world, but some groups still need the encouragement to get their voices heard and to believe their vote can make a difference.

Boyd said the voter march is an extension of the organization’s larger registration initiatives. The last day to register to vote in Indiana was Oct. 5 and early voting started Oct. 6.

“We are seeing record numbers at the polls, despite long lines, people are voting and we’d like to take credit for that just a bit and do the same now for the rest of the process,” said Boyd.

Boyd said Sunday will focus on voter education and transportation by walking people to the polls through the march.

Posley also said the voter march is bipartisan.

“We’re not telling people how to vote, just to get out and cast a ballot,” Posley said.