‘I didn’t know I was pregnant’

VALLEJO (KRON) – Jordan Malachi Jenkins may be the best keeper of secrets. He’s being called a miracle baby by some, including his East Bay parents.

Jenkins lived for nine months without his mother knowing that he was growing inside her stomach. His mother, Stephanie Turnage, says she never felt her son “kicking or anything like that.”

“I had a menstrual cycle throughout the whole pregnancy, and I took birth control pills everyday,” said Turnage.

It wasn’t until she was using the bathroom that she realized she was pregnant.  She says that on the morning of May 8, she saw “a little head coming and I pulled him out myself.”

Despite his well-kept secret, Jordan was born a healthy six pounds, seven ounces.

Jordan’s father, Matt Jenkins, of Vallejo, was also caught by surprise.  He texted all of his friends to say he was a new dad but he says he hard time convincing anyone that Turnage was pregnant.

“We were just with her two days ago … how did she just have a baby?” they said.

Jayvon Muhammad, a certified midwife and CEO of the Marin City Health and Wellness center, is calling Turnage’s surprise pregnancy a rare case.  Muhammad, who has worked in the maternity care field for the past 15 years, says that normally women feel something during their first trimester, but she has heard of something called “cryptic pregnancies,” or pregnancies that go undetected by the baby’s mother and her doctors until delivery.

“There are women that don’t have any symptoms in those 12 weeks but by 20 weeks a baby starts to move,” says Muhammad.  “Every woman that I’ve ever met at that point can feel that something is different.”

Not baby Jordan.  He played it cool.

Turnage’s unexpected delivery has changed her life dramatically, but she’s overjoyed with her little miracle.

“Overwhelming, really overwhelming, but I wouldn’t change it for anything now,” gushed Turnage.​