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Marion County Sheriff’s Office: $10,000 reward created to find accused murderer

10 thousand dollar reward created to help find accused murderer

INDIANAPOLIS (WISH) — A $10,000 reward is now being offered for information leading to the arrest of Kevin Mason.

He’s the man the Marion County Sheriff’s Office mistakenly released last week.

The Marion County Sheriff’s Office (MCSO) said they will not sleep until they find Mason, who is accused of murder in Minnesota.

The MCSO said they have been following leads and reported sightings of Mason across Indianapolis. They said they have also expanded their search to other cities, but they did not say which cities.

In the past, Marion County Sheriff Kerry Forestal has said the MCSO is very understaffed.

During a news conference announcing the creation of the reward I-Team 8 asked how that played a role in how he was mistakenly released.

“How much did understaffing really play a role in his release,” asked I-Team 8 reporter Kody Fisher.

“Again, I want to reassure you and the public that our focus and our goal at this second is to recapture Kevin Mason,” said Col. James Martin of the Marion County Sheriff’s Office.

“Do you have the staff to do that,” asked Fisher.

The question went unanswered as Col. Martin walked out of the room.

At a City-County Council budget hearing on Sept. 6, the MCSO said they were over 200 deputies short of full staff and they blamed low starting pay compared to surrounding counties.

The MCSO said people can make $18,000 more in Johnson County than in Marion County.

Mayor Hogsett’s office told I-Team 8 the 2024 budget has a 13% increase in funding for the MCSO, including signing bonuses for recruitment. It will also include cost of living pay increases for current deputies and increased overtime.

The Indianapolis Mayor’s Office told I-Team 8 there will be more adjustments to pay next year when deputies renegotiate their collective bargaining agreement with the city.

In the meantime, the MCSO will be using the staff they have and help from other agencies to track down Kevin Mason.

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