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17-year-old dies after police chase

17-year-old dies after police chase

INDIANAPOLIS (WISH) — It was a police chase and a crash that killed 17-year-old Terryoun Mays.

Police found the vehicle flipped over on Brill Road near the intersection with Madison Avenue and Southern Avenue. Three people were inside. Mays was one of the passengers.

Police said a group of men were flashing guns downtown after midnight Sunday. Police were in hot pursuit of a person banned from carrying a handgun. The driver stopped but then took off again. At one point, police lost sight of the vehicle and stopped the chase, but the vehicle kept going eventually crashing.

Damage can be seen on Brill Road: car parts, including a rearview mirror and what looks like a broken car window. On the scene, there are tire marks on the grass, a broken metal barricade, a hole in the box truck, a completely demolished trash receptacle, an uprooted tree, and a downed street sign.  

Neighbors and workers around the area did not want to appear on camera but the told I-Team 8 that the vehicle must have been speeding so fast it went airborne because it ruined the box truck. It knocked out the rolled-up back door and left metal scattered on the ground. 

Police said two firearms, a drum-style magazine, and bullets were recovered at the scene.

I-Team 8 found an empty box that once held bullets.

The city workers are now cleaning up the mess.

The driver and other passenger are still in critical care at a local hospital.