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911 calls reveal shock, horror after Greenwood Park Mall shooting

GREENWOOD, Ind. (WISH) — One of the first 911 calls was from a woman who said she was hiding behind a vending machine in the food court during Sunday’s mass shooting at Greenwood Park Mall.

She told police three people were dead, and that people were running for the doors.

A husband, his wife and another man died, and Elisjsha Dicken, 22, fired his Glock handgun 10 times to take out the 20-year-old shooter before more people were hurt, the Greenwood police chief said Monday. The three Indianapolis residents who died were Pedro Pineda, 56; Rosa Mirian Rivera de Pineda, 37; and Victor Gomez, 30.

 “In the food court there are three people dead,” said the unidentified woman to the 911 operator identified by police records as “Angela.”

“By the food court? Can you see the shooter?” asked “Angela.” 

“Yes, from what I can tell from what I can see, it looks like a male,” said the caller.

The 911 operator said, “Where is the male?”

The caller answered, “He is dead on the ground.”

Seconds after the shooting stopped, the calls came pouring into the 911 center.  

Operator: “Is the male that was shooting?”

Caller: “Yes.”  

Operator: “So, somebody shot him?”  

Caller: “YES.”

Operator: “Who shot him?”  

Caller: “I’m sorry, but the active shooter was a male, a white male in a white T-shirt.” 

Operator: “Stay where you are safe.”  

Caller: “OK.”  

Operator: “How many are shot? How many shots did he fire?” 

Caller: “I don’t know. All I know is they just went off, and everybody took off running.”  

Another caller said he worked in the food court.   

Operator: ”911, what is your emergency?” 

Caller: “We need police officers here at the Greenwood Park Mall. We have had shots fired in the Greenwood Park Mall.”

Operator: “Where are you at?”  

Caller: “In the food court, in the food court right now.”

One of the shooting victims that survived called her mother. Her mother called 911 on the way into the mall.

Caller: “I’m at Greenwood Park Mall. My daughter called and said she had been shot. Her name is (redacted).“ 

Operator: “We have officers already there at the scene.”

Caller: “Oh, God, I’m driving into the parking lot where Macy’s is right now. I don’t know where she is. She was alive, but I am her mother.” 

The 911 operator told the caller to turn on the emergency flashers and stay in the car, and an officer would come and get her.  

Caller: “My baby has been shot; she has been shot?” 

Operator: “I understand, ma’am. We are taking care of the situation.”  

Caller: “OK, I’m here. I will go wherever I need to go. Take care of my baby, please, oh, God.“ 

Operator: “Stay inside your vehicle.” 

Caller: “OK?”  

Greenwood police also released radio communications amongst their officers. One of the most stirring calls came from an unnamed officer inside the food court a few minutes after the police arrived. 

“Information we have, the shooter, he is on the floor by the bathroom in the food court,” the officer said over the radio. 

Revealed in the hours of recordings are the efforts to clear the mall of people who had been hiding, and checking everyone who was inside to insure they were not participants in the shooting. 

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