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City leaders speak out against gun violence after a bloody weekend

INDIANAPOLIS (WISH) — Indianapolis leaders are condemning gun violence after at least 24 people were shot since Friday.

Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department told I-Team 8 not all of the shootings were related to crime.

Some were accidental shootings, some were linked to crime, and others were because kids got their hands on a gun.

“Our families deserve better, and our children certainly deserve better,” said IMPD Chief of Police Randal Taylor.

In a video message to the community made Monday, Taylor urges people to be part of the solution to what we saw over the weekend.

“I’m asking you not only as your police chief, but also as a parent. We need to step up. If you see someone going down the wrong path, especially a juvenile, please step in and give that child a different option,” said Chief Taylor.

4 of the shooting victims from the weekend were kids. That included a 12-year-old boy who was shot after a short term rental property party turned violent. IMPD says they’ve now arrested the hosts of that party.

Rick Snyder, executive director of the Fraternal Order of Police in Indianapolis, told I-Team 8 this many shootings is not abnormal.

“Yes, there is a significant amount of violence that occurred over this weekend, but man, I can point you back to weekend after weekend after weekend where we’ve highlighted this,” said Snyder.

Mayor Joe Hogsett said in a statement, “I share the anger of our community in the proliferation and reckless use of firearms in Indianapolis, and pledge to continue fighting for common-sense gun safety measures to protect our most valuable.”

Jefferson Shreve, the Republican running against Hogsett in the mayoral election, released a statement in response to Hogsett Monday.

“After nearly eight years in office, Mayor Hogsett still has not put forth a plan to combat crime and restore our city that is achievable within his authority. Blaming others won’t fix the problem. I again urge Mayor Hogsett to hire a public safety director as a straightforward first step,” said Shreve.

Shreve said he’ll release his plan to reduce crime and violence after July 4.

In the meantime, Chief Taylor says police need your help to put an end to people getting shot.

“Work with us. Cooperate with us, so that we can make Indianapolis the safe and thriving community that it was meant to be,” said Chief Taylor.

Mayor Hogsett’s office says the city council will be talking about solutions to gun violence during committee meetings this week.